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Consumer Buying Tips

There are tons of advice on how to sell products or services, but it's actually hard to find good advices for customers on how to choose and buy those things! Here...a few general tips and tricks to help you become a super skilled buyer, learn to choose the best options and, of course, save good money in the process. It's impressive to see how a little bit more of patience and a decent previous product-prices research can so greatly improve the quality of our decisions and what we finally get from the purchase processes.

Consumer Buying Tips

Buying tips and saving tricks.

Non-emotional or non-impulsive purchases provide also extra time and better conditions to negociate with the suppliers. Never forget! The art of negociation is not only in search of a lower price. You can always negociate other extra benefits. All companies would love to close the deal with you and will do their best to make you happy...if you ask for it.  Right before close the deal...that's the moment where you have all the power!


By making an informed purchasing process consumers can save good money, avoid getting cheated and obtain the best quality for the budget available, among other benefits. We must take more seriously our role and our rights as customers. Companies might have the products... but we have the money and the power to decide how to spend it!

Buy smart. Buy informed. Buy Better.

1.    Do Research of the product, its specifications, model, sizes, etc

- For non-urgent purchases, always do a preliminary research. It's the only way to buy the product you want, with the service and the warranty you deserve and of course paying the fairest price for it.

- Check out the product specifications and compare with alternatives brands or models.

- Find out if there are any complaints against the company or the product on the web, magazines or newspapers and use that information to determine if you are confident enough to purchase their product.

- Before you make your final purchase, make sure a written copy of the warranty is included within the box.

- Ask permission to open the box or packing prior to purchasing and then take the time to make sure is all ok with the product and the warranty.


2.    Buying Online

- If you already did a good research, you are ready to go finding the right shop. With specifications very clear go check several sites, compare prices, seller conditions, include transport or not, origin of each option, etc.

- Once you find a good deal, check the rankings and comments for that seller and also Google the credentials of the company and product before buy.

- If you are purchasing medications that normally requires a prescription and you are never asked for it,  consider trying a different online pharmacy. Could be fake medicines or products in bad condition.

- If you are not given a satisfactory service or answer soon, the best you can do is find a different retailer.

- Never give personal information such as your credit card or social security number to any online retailer. Always try to use Paypal or a similar option, specially with companies or sellers you don't know.


3.    Consider Used Items

- Rather than spending money on a brand new item, consider purchasing a used item from a local seller, a friend or from your friend's friend.

- Manufacturers also offer refurbished products directly to consumers. Refurbished products have been repaired by the manufacturer, and in most cases, will include a product warranty on the item as well.

- Refurbisheds or second hand products could inicially looks like great deals, but once in a while the experience end in a total dissaster. Especially on used items, you need to ask absolutly everything about everything and only buy if you are sure it's all in order, the product complete and working perfect, the instructions are attached and in a language you can read and... specially make sure that ALL the accesories are included.


4.    Negociate

- If you are dealing with a person, set the stage: Express some doubts and objections and make him be in charge of closing the deal. Ask for other  'things to convince you' and hear the offers. If nothing call your attention, make the seller know what 'could maybe convince you'.

- You negociate not only in search of a lower price, but also trying to receive other benefits. Could be an extended warranty, a free instalation service, a complementary product or accesory, better credit conditions, an extra night in the hotel, etc.

-If you see that price reduction is totally blocked or the discount offered is not relevant, then reject the discount and offer to change it for other kind of consumer benefit of your interest.


Author: Arnold Anderson. Article courtesy of E-How.




















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