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Gadgets of 2013: The future is upon us
From Apple iTV to augmented reality glasses, these are the gizmos heading our way this year. Have a look...

From Apple iTV to augmented reality glasses, these are the gizmos heading our way this year.

Check a few already confirmed...


iPhone 5S

As per usual, it is expected that Apple will release an "S" update before moving up an integer.

Possible features? Respected tech industry analyst Peter Misek is predicting it will come with a new "super HD camera/screen, a better battery and NFC [near field communication - used in such things as contactless payment systems]". He also claims that, like the Nano, the phone will be available in six to eight colours.

When can I buy one? Misek suggests that Apple will be speeding up its cycle of launches, so we should expect it in June.


Apple iTV

There has been speculation for some years that Apple would make a land grab for the TV market. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently remarked that turning on a TV is like going "backwards in time by 20 or 30 years". That is, like the music and phone industry previously, it's in need of an Apple update.

Possible features? Cult of Mac reported that the TV would feature both Siri and iSight to enable voice and face recognition – iPhones and iPads could also be used to control it.

When can I buy one? Gene Munster (industry analyst) has predicted that the Apple iTV will be launched in October 2013: "It should cost $1,500-$2,000 and come in sizes from 42 inches to 55 inches." It is likely a UK version would only be released when licensing deals with British TV channels are finalised.


Xbox 720

Microsoft's long-awaited follow-up to the Xbox 360, rumoured to be called the Infinity.

Possible features? Like the Kinect, the console will use motion detection technology and T3 recently revealed that Microsoft had filed a patent concerning projecting augmented reality 3D images on walls, which would require you to wear Wi-Fi-enabled 3D glasses. May also include a Blu-ray drive.

When can I buy one? A Microsoft executive did talk about a "new Xbox" but this statement was quickly withdrawn by the company; however, the company has placed job ads which mention the new console. A Bloomberg report says the XBox 720 is likely to be available from autumn 2013.


Amazon phone

The internet giant is said to be adding a phone to its range of Kindle readers.

Possible features? Don't expect any revolutionary hardware, but the software will allow seamless integration between Amazon's Appstore, Amazon MP3, Amazon Cloud Player and Kindle books. In short, it will be more of an multipurpose Amazon revenue-generating device than a phone. As PC Magazine has suggested, it's likely to be cheap. This is because Amazon is expected to subsidise the cost of the handset and the monthly price plan using the revenue from the vast amount of Amazon media, electronics and whatnot you are inevitably going to purchase with it. It is also likely to come pre-loaded with a bar code scanner, which will point out how much cheaper everything is on Amazon. Yes, it does sound pretty Faustian.

When can I buy one? Your pact could start in mid-2013.

Augmented reality glasses

Google and a company called Vuzix are lining up futuristic specs for people who can't bear not to be connected.

Possible features? More of a headset than a pair of spectacles, the Vuzix projects a small colour image in front of your eye, runs the Android operating system and connects via Bluetooth to your phone. The screen could show you text messages, emails or map directions.

What this device's killer app will turn out to be is anyone's guess. It could, for instance, use face recognition to remind you of fellow partygoers' names, their CVs and their latest Facebook status updates and tweets – never be stuck for small talk again! A scary Charlie Brooker-scripted future is heading our way, basically.

When can I buy one? Google Glass isn't expected until 2014.


Google Glass

Models parade in Google Glass augmented reality eyewear at a New York fashion show. Photograph: Edward Le Poulin/Corbis



A "learning thermostat" designed by two former Apple employees, it has already been described as the "iPhone of thermostats" by Wired.

Possible features? Via Wi-Fi, it connects with your smartphone, allowing you to control your heating whether you're at home or not. Over time it learns your schedule and designs a heating or air-conditioning programme around it. It can detect when you're not at home. And it looks pretty: it glows orange for heating, blue for cooling.

When can I buy one? They're already available in the US for $250 – the manufacturer claims you will claw that back in utility bill savings in two years.

A good tip in case your cellphone is stolen.
While we can not prevent theft, from distance we can completely disable the device, leaving the villain with just a bunch of plastic and wires. If we all do this, steal phones will not be a 'business' for them anymore. How it works?

To disable the phone remotely:

All the devices (not their chips) have a registry unique serial, that at no phone globally repeats. It's called IMEI code. Only who has the apparatus may access the code dialing: * # 06 # (In the screen appear automatically the code IMEI of 15 numbers). Write it down and put it in a safe place.

If someone steal the ce
llphone and you don't want the thief to benefit from it, you just need to call ICE, Claro or Movistar and give them this code. The phone will be blocked completely and although the thief replace card SIM or chip, won't be able to turn it on.

If everybody does this, before long will slow cellphone
theft, since will be no longer an 'interesting' business for them.

Note: The phone compamies normally have
only pre-
registered the IMEI of the phones postpaid (with a monthly plan). Whoever has a phone with prepaid cards, must previously register the IMEI of your device with the supplier of the line or else may not be able to block it in case of theft.

* This good tip was told to you by TeKonte, but now it's your turn to go to kontárselo to your friends!

How to Organize your week and optimize your time.
Organizing your week successfully can help you reduce and manage stress as well as ensure that appointments or important tasks are accomplished in a timely manner. The process should include both your personal and your work-life projects to give you a manageable "map for success" that prioritizes the most important activities during your week and also allows some extra space for the unexpected things that pop up.

Successful time management starts by being honest with yourself and setting realistic expectations. The well-organized week hinges on good time management. Here some basic suggestions that may help you:


Make a list of priorities for the week on a separate sheet of paper that is categorized by subtitles, such as work, family, personal. Anyway, paper stuill works but it's kind of 'too old school'. Organize your life in present times is  easier than ever before. Take advantage of the nice features in phones or tablets, desktop apps like iCal, mail based services like Google Calendar or one of many great web-based services like Mind42, RememberTheMilk, Plaxo or RescueTime. You will maybe have to spend a few hours learning and getting used to the systems, but you will save a lot more time in the future ...and probably will become more efficient too.


If you prefer the paper, mark the items on your list with the 'highlighter pen' selected for the things that need to be done on a daily basis. In your electronic/web-based app, change the font color or the background color, to denote daily task.
 Anyway, even the most simple time-managment tool or e-calendar will be full of features way beyond color marking. Just try some and you'll see...


Organize your life and their items in subcategories like 'work', 'family', 'social life', etc in their order of importance.The tasks lists inside subcategories should start by the most important task to complete and the last number on the list should be the least important task to complete. Finish by numbering the personal and family subcategories the same way.


In your lists, take the top three priority items from each subcategory that are also highlighted as daily tasks and or pencil them in your calendar in their consecutive days. In your e-calendar or app, choose "new event" and enter the priority items on their dates, setting notifications for any item that needs one.


Record or enter the remaining top three to five priority items from each of the three subcategories on the days they need to be done.


Evaluate the tasks scheduled for each day to ensure that you haven't over-scheduled a day or your week. If you have time left over and can add in additional items on certain days or even as a low-priority daily task, consider adding in what makes sense. Remember to prioritize some downtime for yourself each day.


Add two or three "flexible" tasks at the bottom of each day just in case you have extra time one day and want to take on something you normally wouldn't be able to get to. Having a go-to list of flexible additional tasks will save you time, keep your priority tasks on target and prevent indecision on what other tasks you might have time to accomplish.


Keep your priority list of tasks and refer to it at the end of your week to make the next week's priority task schedule. In your electronic calendar, you can simply drag the events that reoccur the next week into the following week on their correct day.


Tips & Warnings

•    An over-scheduled week is as much a recipe for disaster as the unscheduled week. Be realistic about the amount of time each task requires and don't forget to prioritize personal time. To stay on task and keep your energy level high for each task, it's important to schedule time in your week for taking care of yourself. Physical exercise, healthy eating habits and free time with friends and family should be given priority on your list. Evaluate how well you've allotted yourself down-time during the week and make adjustments where you see needs. Using your selected tool with "notifications" to remind you of personal wellness tasks can help make them a priority.
•    For any schedule to work well, you must be prepared for changes. Carry some form of your weekly schedule with you, whether it's electronic, or in a small notebook/planner and use a pencil to facilitate changes. Be prepared to make adjustments to your schedule during the week by referencing your schedule nightly. Having an organized schedule for the week can not benefit you if you don't refer to it, make adjustments to it and then stick to it.

Article writen by Kimberli Nalven, courtesy of eHow, a place where knowledge is awesome!




















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