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Publish News, Events, Business Opportunities in Seconds?

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Our Mail Factory™ will create for you a modern newsletter with logo, pictures, links and more.


How it Works

Just a few steps and you’re ready to start promoting!


With TeKonte you can send a predesigned advertisement (old school but still effective) ...or custom create a modern email campaign TeKonte Mail Factory from scratch using the TeKonte Mail Factory™, our easy and friendly campaign creator tool. Just upload your pictures, logo and descriptive text and TeKonte will compose an interactive and very effective campaign for you.  

Either way you create your campaign (Old-school or TKMF ), you always have access to several benefits like add your website, email and social media links in your campaigns for a direct client contact. You can also choose the frequency of your campaign mailing, just once or run a long term campaign: Simply schedule a campaign on the dates you prefer.

Are there other cool tools at your service in TeKonte? Yes, actually...very cool ones!

Here you can include a video inside your add, highlight your ad in Tekonte's Weekly Summary* and even socialize your messagesnot only by sending it via email but also posting your campaigns to the TeKonte's Twitter and Facebook audience.

Do you like the concept? All clear*?

Then less bla bla bla and more cha cha cha! Time to compose...

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