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Sustainable Lifestyle, Eco-Friendly Products and Eco-Events

A list of publications to help all of us to become more sustainable and learn to live in a more armonious way with the planet that support us.


Smart ideas to change the way we use (and waste) the water.

Smart ideas to change the way we use (and waste) the water.

After oxygen, water is the second most essential thing we need to stay alive. Our body can't survive more than a week without water. Yes, only 7 days! Don't you think that could be a good reason to modify our consumer habits and start to care for water conservation? Here several simple tips to apply in your daily life....

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Race Challenge Rincón de la Vieja race

International Circuit organized by The North Face promotes trail running or mountain use jogging trails.

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Eco Fair in Liberia

eco activities all day long!

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