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All the answers to your questions about TeKonte and how it works.

1) What is TeKonte?

2) How do I subscribe to TeKonte network?

3) What can I select in TeKonte?

4) What kind of contents will you send me?

5) What can I filter in my preferences?

6) How do I access to change my preferences after I’m subscribed?

7) What other tools are available for me as subscriber?

8) Other questions?

1) What is TeKonte!

TeKonte (a Spanish pun for ‘I Told You’) is an innovative fully customized information network where you choose your area and interests and we send you good tips and up-to-date information relevant to those selections. (YOUR area + YOUR topics). In other words, once you subscribe, we’ll start to keep you on the loop about what’s going on around you, so you never again miss an event of your interest, a good purchase opportunity for you or any relevant thing happening in your community.

2) How do I subscribe to TeKonte network?

You can easily subscribe in our home page: Just type your email in this green box and then tell us your first name and select your topics + areas of interests. If you enter just your mail and name, but set no preferences, you can still go ahead with subscription but temporarily you’ll receive publications about all categories and all areas, until you give us new instructions by setting your own filters.

Stay in the know

3) What can I select in TeKonte?

In TeKonte YOU CHOOSE what you want to get noticed and we will only send you bulletins that qualify in the topics and areas you asked for. Those selections you make when subscribe (or later) are your custom instructions to us. We deeply respect those decisions, so we recommend you to choose wisely, to be told all what you want to know and not missing anything...

The key for a perfect balance is to test your inicial topic(s) + area(s) combination for a couple of weeks and then addapt it if you think you are getting too many or too few bulletins from us or you feel you are not receiving some other interesting stuff published at Whatever the case is, please feel free to addapt your combinations of topics until your TeKonte is optimally tunned up and you happy and receiving the optimal kind of information for you, nothing more, but nothing less neither!


Anyway, there's no problem if you prefer to have strict filters, for instance selecting just 1 or 2 topics and only 1 area. In this case you will probably receive very few mails from us, but still be able to don't miss anything else!

Really? How ? In TeKOnte you have the option of receiving those few regular mails plus also receive every Friday afternoon a TeKonte-Weekly-Summary: One mail with a titles listing of all the TeKonte publications during that week. We created this optional feature to allow you for a 30 seconds weekly whip through, to make sure you are not missing any event, promo or tip in other areas or topics you didn’t include in your personal preferences but that maybe can be of your interest.

And as in TeKonte YOU are the boss, you can easily modify your filters or deactivate that weekly-summary anytime you want.



4) What kind of contents will you send me?

TeKonte will share with you a wide variety of cool, up-to-date information, from fresh news about your community, promotions in your area, info about upcoming events, discount coupons, advises from professionals on several fields, (legal, health, taxes, business development, family economy, etc.) and other attractive stuff that our editors can consider useful to you.



5) What can I filter in my preferences?Select areas and topics

The 2 questions we made were: Why receive information on issues that are not relevant to you and why receive info from areas where you do not live or neither visit frequently? So first, in TeKonte you choose your topics of interest and then you choose the area(s) of Costa Rica you interact with.






6) How do I access to change my preferences after I’m subscribed?

On our site, click on modify my preferences button, enter you email and we will send you a link to access your personal selections area. Modify want you want and then just click on ‘I’m ready’. Your new filters will be saved and our system updated with these new settings.

Update your subscription

7) What other tools are available for me as subscriber?

Personaliza tu TeKonte FAQs

Plus the mail preferences and the weekly resume, we have at your service:

- Easy share: Do you think your friends could be interested on that thing you just read? No need to look for addresses to forward the email, because each mail contains buttons to Facebook and Twitter. In TeKonte, just one click to share!


-Easy links and contact forms: On each mail, you will find links to easily contact the author of each publication, buttons to reserve your site on events, do questions, etc.


Calendar of events for FAQs

- Saving events: If you are interested on some event we publish, you can copy and save it in a second to your

personal e-calendar at your computer (v-Cal for windows or  i-Cal for mac). Just save to your desktop, open the file and the event will be auto added to your calendar. You can even set the calendar to send you a reminder the day or a few hours before the event.






8) Still have some questions? No problem!

Send us an email at and we will be more than happy to clear out your doubts.





















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