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You are here: Home Articles A good tip in case your cellphone is stolen.

A good tip in case your cellphone is stolen.

While we can not prevent theft, from distance we can completely disable the device, leaving the villain with just a bunch of plastic and wires. If we all do this, steal phones will not be a 'business' for them anymore. How it works?

To disable the phone remotely:

All the devices (not their chips) have a registry unique serial, that at no phone globally repeats. It's called IMEI code. Only who has the apparatus may access the code dialing: * # 06 # (In the screen appear automatically the code IMEI of 15 numbers). Write it down and put it in a safe place.

If someone steal the ce
llphone and you don't want the thief to benefit from it, you just need to call ICE, Claro or Movistar and give them this code. The phone will be blocked completely and although the thief replace card SIM or chip, won't be able to turn it on.

If everybody does this, before long will slow cellphone
theft, since will be no longer an 'interesting' business for them.

Note: The phone compamies normally have
only pre-
registered the IMEI of the phones postpaid (with a monthly plan). Whoever has a phone with prepaid cards, must previously register the IMEI of your device with the supplier of the line or else may not be able to block it in case of theft.

* This good tip was told to you by TeKonte, but now it's your turn to go to kontárselo to your friends!




















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