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TeKonte Publishers Guide

Publish your message in Tekonte is really simple and fast.

Anyway, we understand you might have some doubts, so here is a list of FAQs that will help you to understand better all the tools and posibilities available as well as the proccess to make a perfect campaign!

1) What is TeKonte?

2) What elements can I include in my campign?

3) How much cost to send a campaign in TeKonte?

4) How can I pay for my orders?

5) Why TeKonte is an step beyond in email marketing?

6) Other questions?


1) What is TeKonte!

TeKonte (a Spanish pun for ‘I Told You’) is an innovative fully customized information network where you can promote your services and offers into the eyes of our wide and loyal base of subscribers. Your campaigns are going to be seen by thousands of potential new customers, whom specifically expressed interest on receive news, offers and tips related to the category of your services or products and the area(s) where you provide your services.

TeKonte is a doble opt-in fully customizable only-subscribers-based platform and due to that and the highest anti-spam standars, the mails you send through TeKonte have a extremelly low possibility of being blocked and a much higher posibility of being oppened.

In TeKonte we deeply respect the instructions of our subscribers, keep a close friendship with them, regularely also send them mails with interesting non-commercial contents like news, events or cool articles, as well as also provide to everybody a website full of useful information, our susbcribers value our services and enjoy receiving our newsletters. The consecuence? We have opening rates and interaction rates way higher than the industry averages.

And since our system provide our subscribers with interactive tools and several ways to stablish a direct contact with you, you'll see your ads generating an extended interaction and will enjoy stablishing new direct contact between your company and many potential new customers.

2) What elements can I include my campaign?

With TeKonte you can send a predesigned advertisement (old school but still effective) ...or custom create a modern email campaign TeKonte Publishers Guide from scratch using the TeKonte Mail Factory™, our easy and friendly campaign creator tool. Just upload your pictures, logo and descriptive text and TeKonte will compose an interactive and very effective campaign for you.

Our system allow you to be super creative!

The base elements are:

a)Title (50 characters)

b)Description (150 characters)

c)Contact email and form


e)One predesigned ad or up to 4 pictures.


The optional features include:

a)Link to website

b)Link to your Facebook account

c)Link to Twitter acccount

e)Video embeded in your campaign

f)Publish your ad also in TeKonte Twitter and Facebook

g) Hightligh your ad in Tekonte's Weekly Summary*

3) How much cost to send a campaign in TeKonte?

In TeKonte YOU CHOOSE what you want to send, when you want to send it and how much you want to spend on each campign.

Basic campaigns start at $15 but the final cost will depend on the extra features you want to include and the many times you decide to send the campaign. However on step 3, where you choose those extra elements, the price and details of your purchase are shown at the moment you make any selection and it will auto-addapt in front of your eyes every time you change a selection, so all the time you know exactly the cost before you pay for it.


4) How can I pay for my orders?

Since today almost everybody have a Paypal account for their online purchases, we decided to use this as the easiest and safer way for you to pay us. In case you don't have a Paypal account, you can find bellow or also in the Publisher 3rd step, a direct link to open a Paypal account. Is easy and fast, as well as extremelly usefull (actually, almost mandatory) if you are planning to purchase in the future other products or services online.

Still don't have a PayPal account? No problem, open your PayPal clicking here. If you are not familiar yet with Paypal, click here to know about the safest way to pay online.

Anyway, in TeKonte we claim that YOU CHOOSE, so if by some mysterious reason you don't like Paypal, contact us to and we will guide you on optional systems.


5) Why TeKonte is an step beyond in email marketing?

TeKonte has created several new benefits both for their subscribers as well as for the people that promote through the platform. As advertisers, you'll be sending your message to people that's  really interested on receive information about your services, and thus, our opening and conversion rates are several points much higher than the industry average.

Plus this, you are allowed to send videos embedded in the campaign, socialize the spread of your message in TeKonte's  Facebook and Twitter accounts, create your own ads without the need of hire a designer, receive great exposure of your campaign in TeKonte's website, have your campaigns stored, actually indexed by search engines and showing up on google results. You also repeat the exposure of your ad on TeKonte Weekly Resume, can have link your ads to your website and your social networks, have a mail contact form in every mail you send, choose the date and the frequency of a campaign ... and the list goes on and on.

But the most important of all:  You'll send your promo to people that confirmed their interest for the category of your services and the area where you are. It's not worth to send a message to a bunch of people that will not buy from you. With TeKonte, you send a well segmented that will reach an interesting group already qualified as potential customers for you.




6) Still have some questions? No problem!

Send us an email at and we will be more than happy to clear out your doubts.


All clear. I'm ready. Take me back to publish my ad.




















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